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Your company logo is the single most recognisable element of your brand. It speaks volumes about your brand and who you are, this may be positive or negative depending the way your brand looks and how your brand is portrayed. Let take a quick look at the Apple logo and the brand as an example of a good brand and logo design.

Positive logo association

The Apple logo is an image of an apple with a bite taken out of it. When shown a picture of the logo to most people and asked what it is, they are likely to say - Apple, ipod, Macs, quality, innovation, computers, technology etc. That is, they are likely to say what it is, then associate it with company and then reinforced with qualities they associate with it.

Imagine someone saying the same thing about you company’s logo design. That’s the power of professional designed logo accompanied by a strong brand.

The sort of association mentioned for apple isn’t generated over night – it takes time! (Although you can speed up the association by conducting intensive marketing campaign.) However, it starts by generating a good logo design and brand. One that will allow you to differentiate your company from your competitors, it will be the seal of quality to your clients and customers.

Where to apply your logo design

The logo design should be applied to the company’s letterhead, business card, compliment slip, website, company brochures and adverts just to name a few. Applying it on all the company’s collateral will enhance and present a consistent message to clients, customers, suppliers and employees.

How to use your company logo

Once you have invested in your logo, make sure that it is used correctly and available to all your employees. Do not allow the logo to be corrupted, by distorting the shape, changing the type or colour. Some companies have logo guideline for designers and employees on how to use the logo.

Is your logo working for or against you?

Have a look at the logo you have at the moment, be objective and ask your self the following questions:

  • Are you proud of it?
  • Does your company logo look professional?
  • How does your logo compare with your competitors?
  • What sort of emotions does it invoke?
  • We all want more sales, what do your potential customers think of it?

The next step

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